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Services for College Lecturers and Instructors

A major part of this site is dedicated to our support services for college lecturers and instructors. Access to our services for lecturers is only available through login to a Lecturer’s Account. The lecturers’ area of the site is not visible unless you are signed in to a Lecturer’s Account.

If you already have a Lecturer’s Account, sign in here.

The “For Lecturers” menu and links to pages within the Lecturers’ area of the site only become visible when you are signed in to a Lecturer’s Account.

PDF Material for Educational Institutions and Online Courses

We are pleased to offer a special scheme for institutions who wish to purchase multiple copies of PDF material for onward sale to their students or for provision as part of a course package or an online course. For further information, please read the page For Colleges and Online Courses.

MacAvon Media Lecturers’ Accounts

MacAvon Media Lecturers’ Accounts are designed for individual college lecturers and instructors around the world who are teaching courses related to subjects covered in books by Nigel and Jenny Chapman.

A Lecturer’s Account enables you to download free PDF evaluation copies of our books and teaching support materials including free lecture slides in a range of formats. It also provides a way of constructing custom course bundles of PDF material for your students. (Scroll down the page for further details of these services.)

Lecturers please note that you are entitled to download PDF copies of our books for free, and we are therefore not able to provide refunds to lecturers for purchases of PDF copies. You are welcome to buy PDF downloads before requesting a Lecturer’s Account if you wish, but please be aware that the cost cannot be refunded except under our general refund policy when no files have been downloaded.

Any bona fide instructor or lecturer at a recognised educational institution (other than a purely for-profit institution – see below) is eligible to open a Lecturer’s Account. We check all requests for Lecturers’ Accounts personally. When you request a Lecturer’s Account you will be asked to supply your name, details of your department and institution, details of your course(s), your academic email address and some means of verifying your position and identity, such as a current college Web page which includes your contact details, a staff ID card or a referee at your educational institution.

Lecturers’ Accounts are free. There is no charge for any of the services provided, and we do not ask for any financial details.

Request a Lecturer’s Account now.

If your identity, academic email address and position as a member of staff cannot be verified through reference to a current college Web page, we will contact you by email to request a photograph or scan of your college ID card or some other means of verification. All applications for Lecturers’ Accounts are checked by us and validated before the request is approved.

MacAvon Media’s services for lecturers are intended for lecturers and instructors at public and private educational institutions whose fundamental purpose and mission is to educate. MacAvon Media does not provide free teaching and learning materials to for-profit institutions or online courses which are operated purely as commercial enterprises, nor to individual instructors employed by these institutions and courses. If you are a course administrators or lecturer at a for-profit institution wishing to purchase MacAvon Media publications or course materials, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

A Lecturer’s Account provides college lecturers and instructors using our textbooks with the following services:

Build Your Own PDF Course Bundles

Courses often wish to use only some chapters from a book, or to use a mixture of chapters from more than one book. Lecturers may also wish to change the material they are using from year to year. This facility allows lecturers to specify their own set of PDF chapters, which are then automatically bundled into a single package – a course bundle – at a discounted price. Each bundle may be bought from a unique URL which is provided to the lecturer through their Lecturer’s Account and which may be pasted into a course’s supporting Web site so that students can go directly to the correct bundle of chapters.

PDF chapters of our books are only legally available direct from us.

Printed course bundles containing individual chapters of Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition or our other books are not legal – not even when produced as college in-house publications.

As authors of the material (and holders of the electronic rights) we are in a position to be much more flexible than the big publishers, to respond quickly to any lecturer’s requests, and to offer non-DRM material at a very reasonable price. This is how it works:

Lecture Slides

A range of free lecture slides sets is available to download through your Lecturer’s Account. These include pre-constructed sets of PowerPoint slides and high-quality PDF slides, and “kits” containing image files and plain text files of all the key points in our chapters, enabling you to create your own slide sets based upon our material.

Free PDF Evaluation Copies

College lecturers and instructors who open a Lecturer’s Account are automatically entitled to download free PDF copies of all our available material. Once your account has been validated and activated you will be able to download PDF material at any time for evaulation and for use in preparing your courses. This material is of course protected by copyright in the usual way and may not be distributed in any way without our explicit consent in writing.